Pythonista (plural Pythonistas)

Someone who uses the Python programming language

Hey there, it’s Erik-Jan from the Technology Explained publication on

I only published one article since my last email, but this one article has been my biggest hit so far:

30 Python Best Practices, Tips, And Tricks

Some of my followers might have missed it since it’s published in ‘Towards Data Science’ instead of my own publication. TDS is a huge data science publication on Medium, with its own domain address.

Publishing it with them turned out to be a good choice. The article gets plenty of reads and lots of shares on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. People seem to love it (and not just for the sweet kitten picture I managed to put in).

I wrote the article because I needed to brush up my own Python skills. I recently started a little project (for a client) in Python, and that got me really excited about Python again. It’s so clean, readable and easy to use; and it has so many cool libraries!

Thank you for continuing to read my articles!

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